About openGPSoC

The openGPSoC project came to life in September 2012 after a conversation at NHS Hack Day ’2′ in Liverpool. At the time the idea of a fully open source GP clinical system appealed to many but was a very tall order.

Over the last few months, developments within the NHS have led to a much more favourable attitude towards Open Source, with the founding of the NHS England Open Source Board, and development of a framework that will allow existing suppliers to move towards open source models should they wish. NHS England recommend the Community Interest Company (CIC) model as a vehicle to hold the open source code in trust, this being a legal entity that is “asset locked” meaning that although it is a company limited by guarantee and has directors, it cannot have shareholders and the assets (in this case, open source code) cannot be stripped or sold.

Some open source projects have contacted us because, despite wishing to move to a CIC model, they have been unable to do so due to lack of funding, time, expertise or organisational capacity, and yet are keen to see their code safeguarded by a custodian body.

We have therefore taken the decision to expand the purpose of openGPSoC to include providing free custodianship for any and all homeless open source projects.

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